Hi, I’m Alan, a 3rd year PhD student in Statistical Machine Learning at The University of Oxford working with Prof. Dino Sejdinovic, Prof. Mihai Cucuringu and Prof. Xiaowen Dong. Trained as a Statistician, I’ve come to realise the importance mathematics and statistics pose in solving challenges faced in this evolving and challenging data-centric era. This also motivates my research interests: focusing on the intersection of Probabilistic Kernel Methods with various ML domains such as Explainable AI, Statistical Downscaling, Graph Machine Learning, Causal Inference and Preference Learning. Currently, I am studying the interface between kernel methods and econometrics, starting from the angle of instrumental variable regressions and strategic modelling.

I also enjoy applying the latest AI research and data science developments to the industry as a freelance ML consultant. For instance, I have designed the interpretable forecasting model behind giniPredict, allowing businesses to access powerful forecasting technology with just a simple Google sheet interface. I also worked with Crop4Sight to deliver potato crop management software that forecast “saleable” crop yield for better returns. I relish the application of my research in creating value for businesses, and the variety of projects and clients I work with in turn link back into my research, inspiring me with new ideas.

When I’m not working, you can usually find me at the gym or reading at a local cafe. I also feed my creative side by singing and playing the guitar. I also started playing chess after watching Queen’s Gambit. I enjoy trying new things and picking up new hobbies; recently, I passed a brewing exam, so I guess you could add barista to my job title too.